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Various Toilet Renovation Mistakes To Be Aware Of

Toilets are very essential in any home. This means that they should be properly installed to avoid any inconveniences. However, if you have toilet that is not working properly you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible. In this way, you will have avoided some challenges like having a leaking toilet or one that does not flush. Toilet repairs re usually complex and requires some experience to make sure that they are functioning properly. You should, therefore, look for a professional plumber to do the toilet renovation. Keep reading to find more info about toilet renovation mistakes to stay clear of.

The first mistake that people make when installing a new toilet is not knowing the type of toilet pan that they actually require. There are three different toilet pan and this means that you should be aware which category your toilet pan falls in. The other mistake is not having the measurements of the toilet setup. It is recommended that before you buy anything for the renovation you first establish the measurements. This will allow you to purchase things in the right measurement and you will therefore have no need of using more money and time. It is also important to note that you need to follow water efficiency rules. There are rules about the amount of water to be used when flushing the toilet. If you do not adhere to these rues then you will end up using more water hence get higher utility bills.

The other mistake of toilet renovation is not shutting down the water. Remember, you are replacing your toilet and if you do not shut the water system you might end up bursting a pipe and causing more damage than expected. It should also be noted that you need to have the right height of the flange. By not confirming the flange height, you might end up having a leaky toilet. The other toilet renovation mistake to be aware of is not leveling the toilet. It is highly recommended that you make your toilet flat enough to avoid any discomfort that comes with a rocky toilet. This can be done with the help of toilet shims between the toilet base and the floor. It should also be noted that you need to avoid making the mistake of overestimating your skills. You may want to do the renovation by yourself and end up being messier thus you should entrust a professional to work on the toilet renovation. Learn more from

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